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Cooper Tires Discoverer H/T Plus

The Discoverer H/T Plus is an extension of Cooper’s Discoverer H/T SUV / light truck touring line that features sport truck and original equipment sizing in a non-directional platform. It provides an excellent replacement for the 20-inch original equipment fitments on full-size pickups and SUVs as well as “plus fitments” for drivers seeking to upgrade the looks and handling of their vehicles.

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Technical Specifications

Part Number Size Speed Rating Load Range Load Index Max Load Max PSI Price
90000002928 255/55R18/XL T n/a 109 2271 50 Call For Price
90000002929 265/60R18/XL T n/a 114 2601 50 Call For Price
90000002930 285/60R18 T n/a 116 2756 44 Call For Price
90000002931 275/45R20/XL T n/a 110 2337 50 Call For Price
90000002932 285/50R20/XL T n/a 116 2756 50 Call For Price
90000002933 305/50R20/XL T n/a 120 3086 50 Call For Price
90000002934 275/55R20/XL T n/a 117 2833 50 Call For Price
90000002935 275/60R20/XL T n/a 119 2998 50 Call For Price

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Discoverer H/T Plus

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